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How many of these 15 Salmon Ladder strategies can you do?

And you thought just getting past the Salmon Ladder was hard enough.

It’s no secret I love the salmon ladder. Here are 16 variations of my favorite obstacle!

Posted by Leif Sundberg - The Swedish Ninja on Monday, April 15, 2019

The Salmon Ladder is a staple obstacle on American Ninja Warrior. It’s held the seventh position on the City Finals course for multiple seasons. If you want to make it to the National Finals, there’s a darn good chance you’re going to have to master the technique of this obstacle.

That’s hard enough all on its own! The Salmon Ladder is a finicky obstacle which has a very small margin for error. But some Ninjas love this thing. Some Ninjas make the Salmon Ladder THEIR thing.

Ninja Warrior Leif Sundberg is one of those. He’s created videos showing off his impressive skills.

Now, he’s back with a video showing 15 different ways to topple the Salmon Ladder. (The video says 16, but there’s no number six in the video. Maybe six is top secret and we’re just not ready for it yet.)

Leif first competed on American Ninja Warrior in season eight. He returned in season 10, where he went out in the City Finals... on the Salmon Ladder... while attempting to skip all the rungs.

But hey, he went out with style, right? Points for confidence!

Leif shows off 15 different Salmon Ladder strategies in the video. Have you attempted any of these?

  1. Standard
  2. Switch Grip
  3. Reverse Grip
  4. Butterfly
  5. Front Kick
  6. Back Fly
  7. Lock and Go
  8. Power Standard
  9. Power Reverse
  10. Roll Over Whip
  11. Lil Muscle Up Whip
  12. Big Ol’ Muscle Up Whip
  13. Machine Gun
  14. Dip Up
  15. One Handed

Are you interested in mastering any of these? We love seeing Ninjas show off their style! (Just... maybe keep it calm on the big course, okay?)