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American Ninja Warrior Junior: 11-12 year old semi final results

After these runs, we can’t wait to see what they deliver in the finals.

Universal Kids/YouTube

It was the middle age group’s turn on the latest episode of American Ninja Warrior Junior. Keeping with what we saw from the 9-10 year olds, the 11-12 year olds knew the pressure was on and they turned it up a notch. $15,000 is nothing to sneeze at, no matter how old you are. These athletes pushed one another to new limits, creating some serious last second buzzer dives and even a finish that was only by two-tenths of a second.

You can find all the results below.

Semi finalists:

  • Autumn Mathisen
  • Carter Lam
  • Ella McRitchie
  • Charlie Ham
  • Hans Hertz
  • Addy Herman
  • Daniel Martin
  • Kai Beckstrand
  • Tyler Smith
  • Joshua Auer
  • Sawyer Shaw
  • Tate Allen
  • Caleb Brown
  • Rose Lord
  • Aleksander Flores
  • Calden Plohoros

11-12 year olds semi finals results

Coach: Najee Richardson and Natalie Duran


  • Sonic Swing
  • Tic Toc
  • Ring Toss
  • Floating Tiles
  • Fly Wheels
  • 13 foot Warped Wall (hand hold at 11.5 feet)

Match ups:

Round one

  • Autumn Mathisen vs Carter Lam
    Winner: Autumn Mathisen
  • Ella McRitchie vs Charlie Ham
    Winner: Ella McRitchie
  • Hans Hertz vs Addy Herman
    Winner: Hans Hertz
  • Daniel Martin vs Kai Beckstrand
    Winner: Kai Beckstrand
  • Tyler Smith vs Joshua Auer
    Winner: Joshua Auer
  • Sawyer Shaw vs Tate Allen
    Winner: Tate Allen
  • Caleb Brown vs Rose Lord
    Winner: Caleb Brown
  • Aleksander Flores vs Calden Plohoros
    Winner: Calden Plohoros

Round two

  • Autumn Mathisen vs Ella McRitchie
    Finalist: Ella McRitchie
  • Hans Hertz vs Kai Beckstrand
    Finalist: Kai Beckstrand
  • Joshua Auer vs Tate Allen
    Finalist: Tate Allen
  • Caleb Brown vs Calden Plohoros
    Finalist: Caleb Brown

Next episode: 13-14 year old semi finals. Saturday, April 20 at 7pm on Universal Kids.