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Who will achieve kanzenseiha in SASUKE Vietnam 5 next month?

Competitors from around the globe have their sights set on total victory in SASUKE Vietnam 5 in May.

Jamie Rahn

Jamie Rahn, David Campbell, Jon Alexis, Meiling Huang, and at least five other Americans are slated to travel overseas to compete in SASUKE Vietnam Season 5. The taping will take place at Becamex Tokyu Garden City between May 4 and May 15, 2019. We’ll be watching to discover who can achieve kanzenseiha – Japanese for complete domination or complete victory!

SASUKE Vietnam

If you are unfamiliar with SASUKE, you can check out a few victorious SASUKE runs here, or read up on its complete history here. Here’s the super short version:

SASUKE began in Tokyo, Japan in 1997, and was known as the most difficult obstacle course on the earth. Since then, it has had its ups and downs. Overall, it has grown in scope and popularity, with spin-offs in multiple countries. Total victory is always the ultimate goal, but the pay-out is different depending on the country where you compete.

SASUKE Vietnam 5 is offering up prize money of VND 800,000,000. According to our rough calculations, that’s about $34,000 USD.

Veteran SASUKE competitor, David Campbell, is preparing for SASUKE Vietnam 5 in a unique way.

Captain NBC, Jamie Rahn, is looking forward to his very first SASUKE experience, and he was very kind to give us some insight into how he’s feeling about this upcoming adventure.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about an international competition?

A: I’m looking forward to challenging my own abilities and insecurities, as well as being a part of the larger ninja warrior community.

Q: What will be the biggest challenge of an international competition like this?

A: My biggest challenge will be the travel. With easy to trigger migraines, caused by a 4” brain cyst, I am really concerned about a new environment, sleep schedule, hydration, stress, and of course cuisine! I eat pretty bland. Fingers crossed that I can find plain chicken and rice. Spices will not be fun!

Q: You had a lingering injury. How are you currently feeling?

A: My concussion has passed in terms of physical constraints. It’s recommended that I don’t hit my head really hard, but that’s nothing new. The one thing it did was bring a lot of fear into my training. I’ve been working hard to overcome that. It is definitely still present, but manageable. I would never compete if I thought I would be endangering my life. I also recently hurt my ribs, but I’m pain-free for the first time this week. So…I’m ready to go!

When Jamie says he’s “ready to go”, he’s not kidding! Here’s his travel timeline:

End of April: Baltimore, MD – ANW taping

May: Two week trip to Vietnam

June: Las Vegas, NV -- ANW National Finals

And in the middle of all that travel, Jamie is planning to sell his house and hit the road. He didn’t mention where that road will lead though… We’ll definitely be following Jamie on Instagram to find out where the road takes him. We wish you good luck with your competitions, travels, and new adventures, Jamie!