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What kind of Ninja Warrior Sweet 16 bracket do you want to see?

Give us your thoughts, and we’ll build it out next week.

David Becker/NBC

The college basketball world is a flurry of activity as the March Madness brackets are down to the Sweet 16. Like the Super Bowl, March Madness is something even a casual sports fan can get into. Personal brackets are created based on whims and feelings, and sometimes bets are won on sheer luck.

To get in on the fun, we want to create a Sweet 16 American Ninja Warrior bracket. But we were stumped while thinking about what it should be focused on.

Obviously, there are the Ninjas themselves. THAT would be a tough bracket to create. How do you even narrow it down to 16 Ninjas to include? And then what criteria do you assess to decide who would move forward?

Our next idea was a Sweet 16 bracket that was based around obstacles, or past courses. We’d be taking into consideration the likelihood of a Ninja falling, or failing to complete the course or obstacle. Could be another tricky, but interesting one.

So we’re turning to you, fans. What kind of American Ninja Warrior Sweet 16 bracket would you like to see?

Give us your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. We’re run with one of those angles and create a bracket and a series of polls for you to respond to next week to see how it would all play out!