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The secret of the new first obstacle is out of the bag

FYI: This is not real, but it’s funny.

Brett Sims/Instagram

The first rule of taping American Ninja Warrior is don’t talk about taping American Ninja Warrior. The show, crew, and Ninjas TRY to keep the results and new obstacles a secret until the related air dates. But it can be a struggle.

We mean, we’ve been trying to stay mum about the new first obstacle for weeks now. Then along comes competitor Brett Sims on Instagram just blows up the big secret.

You fans all thought you were just having harmless fun when you’d say things like, “Add sharks to the obstacles! That’ll keep the Ninjas dry!” We tried to warn you not to give the producers any ideas. You didn’t listen. Now look at what we’re dealing with. You have no one to blame for this but yourselves.

Hope you’re feeling nimble, Ninjas.

Just in case this needs to be said, this is a joke. No sharks were harmed in the production of American Ninja Warrior. Brett Sims is just good with photo editing and has a sense of humor.