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Baltimore is going to be a heck of a region

Some huge names have confirmed they’ve gotten the call.

Bill McCay/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior casting team seems to be pretty darn busy today! Just one day after the team returned from the Atlanta taping, it seems they’re making a flurry of calls to a new city.

Phones are ringing for Ninja Warriors in the Baltimore area!

This is just the first burst of competitors who’ve gotten the call and jumped on social media to share the news. We’re sure many more calls still need to be made. But look at this list already! This region is stacked with some powerful competitors. That course better start getting nervous.

Najee Richardson is back and on the road to his redemption on Stage Two.

Chris Wilczewski’s season 10 was a comeback worthy of a movie. We can’t wait to see where season 11 takes him.

Dave Cavanagh is not “king of the walk-on line” this season!

Zach Day won’t be the year’s youngest competitor again. He’ll be a fierce, experienced veteran.

Lucas Reale made his Ninja Warrior debut at 19, and what a debut it was. He’ll follow that up this year.

Joe Moravsky is BACK! The Double Dipper better look out because we have a feeling he’s got a bone to pick with Stage One.

Jamie Rahn better tighten up the shoelaces this year. We’re ready to see him on Stage Three!

Anthony DeFranco went out way too early last season. He wants Vegas this year for sure.

Remember, this is just the START of the Baltimore area calls. The full roster is going to be nothing short of amazing! Additionally, we can’t wait to see what the rookies bring. We love a good Ninja Warrior surprise.

American Ninja Warrior will film in Baltimore April 28-19 at Rash Field. Come down and join us if you can!