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More than a Sport, Ninja Builds Community

Ninjas will travel long distances for the love of their sport and their fellow competitors.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

Why do so many Ninjas travel so far to multiple American Ninja Warrior City Qualifiers, even when they are not competing? We scoured social media to look for their “why”.

Question #1: Is it for the walk-on lottery?

For some, yes!

For many, the answer is no. Ethan Swanson traveled to both LA and Atlanta, but we didn’t see him in any walk-on lotteries. The same was true when Michelle Warnky traveled to Atlanta.

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Slip sliding away . #headfirst #slide #dontslip

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Question #2: Is it to get a sneak peek at the new obstacles?


The new Shrinking Steps obstacle created quite a buzz when it was revealed in LA a few weeks ago. Questions and answers about dimensions, spacing, and material were flying around social media. A few ambitious ninjas had a version of the Shrinking Steps built within days of their unveiling. Learn more about the Shrinking steps here.

But that’s not everyone’s motivation. Tiana Webberley had already competed in LA when she popped up in Atlanta.

Questions #3: Is it to hang out and workout with like-minded people, reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, and support fellow ninjas?

The Instagram posts surrounding the LA and Atlanta City Qualifiers lead us to believe that the answer is yes!

Check out the fun these Ninjas have when they’re together.

The support they show one another is worth a shout-out too.

Who will show up in Oklahoma City, and what kind of fun will they find? We’re excited to find out!