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Karsten Williams has found his purpose at Ninja Nation Frisco

American Ninja Warrior, Karsten Williams, talked to Off the Course: An American Ninja Warrior Podcast about fears, goals, and purpose.

Cooper Neill/NBC

Off The Course: An American Ninja Warrior Podcast debuted this March, with the goal of diving into the back stories of ninja athletes. The hosts dig to discover the strategies, fears, and inspirational stories of the ninjas we all love.

Episode #3 was all about the Big Kat, Karsten Williams.

David Becker/NBC

Karsten first appeared on ANW Season 5, and he’s been a staple on American Ninja Warrior ever since. Here are his stats:

*6 seasons of ANW

*5 Vegas Finals appearances

*2 seasons of Ninja vs Ninja

* Salmon Ladder Champ

*Will be competing on Season 11 in Oklahoma City

Here’s what Off the Course: An American Ninja Warrior Podcast taught us about Karsten:

The defining moment of Karsten’s Ninja Warrior career was falling in the water on the very first obstacle during his very first appearance on American Ninja Warrior (Season 5). Falling on the Quintuple Steps forced Karsten to face the harsh reality that he wasn’t “gonna crush this thing” on his first attempt. Karsten also learned that not everyone needs to follow the same path. In a moment of weakness, Karsten decided to veer from his calculated Quintuple Steps plan, opting instead for the faster and more fluid approach demonstrated by the parkour experts. He’ll never know for sure, but the original plan may have resulted in a much different outcome. The wiser, more-experienced Karsten now likes to say, “Do you!”

Karsten enjoys spreading this “Do you” message to all the youth at Ninja Nation in Frisco, Texas, where he is a coach. When kids say they can’t, he works to change their mindset to “I can’t right now.” Together, Karsten and his students focus on what they can do, and set a series of smaller goals.

Karsten Williams

In addition to helping kids with their athletic goals, Karsten encourages all kids to find their passion, focus on it, and open themselves up to the opportunities around them. He wants kids to know that there’s a place in the world for them, and it doesn’t have to look like someone else’s place.

Ultimately, Karsten wants kids to end up in a place where they belong and have purpose. For Karsten himself, he has found this sense of belonging and purpose at Ninja Nation Frisco. His greatest fear is that he will leave this earth without making an impact. Through Ninja Nation Frisco, he loves and appreciates the opportunity to positively impact kids daily.

Be sure to check out Off The Course: An American Ninja Warrior Podcast to listen to Karsten’s full interview.

Also, look for Karsten Williams on ANW Season 11, beginning May 29th on NBC.