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American Ninja Warriors of the paper variety are appearing everywhere!

The artwork of American Ninja Warrior newcomer, Tim Saguinsin, is making a splash in the ninja community.

Tim Saguinsin

Creativity within the ninja community is endless, and it was recently seen popping up in Atlanta, surrounding the ANW filming. Maybe you’ve seen these ninja works of art appearing on Instagram too. We first discovered them back in November 2018, but the list of papercut ninjas created since then has grown immensely!

Do you recognize these ANW superstars?

Tim Saguinsin
Tim Saguinsin

Diehard ninja fans sure don’t need an answer key to identify the ANW legends in the top photo, and we are confident you’ll have no trouble identifying most of the ninjas in the group photo either, but we’ll get you started just in case. From the top left, the first six ninjas are:

Kevin Bull, Michelle Warnky, Joe Moravsky, Allyssa Beird, Najee Richardson, & Maggi Thorne

Who is the artist behind these ninjas?

His name is Tim Saguinsin, fittingly known as the Papercut Ninja. He hasn’t competed on American Ninja Warrior…yet. However, we’re hoping he cut up the course in Atlanta yesterday! Maybe he even did well enough to compete tonight. We’ll have to wait to find out when the City Qualifiers air, starting on May 29th on NBC.

Tim lives in North Carolina, where he has owned and managed Warrior Tech OCR with his wife, Kim, for the past two years. Just four days after opening Warrior Tech OCR, Tim ruptured his Achilles’ tendon. After lots of physical therapy, and even completing a Spartan Trifecta, Tim’s ninja journey continued when he got “the call”…

…and the subsequent road trip down to Atlanta for his shot on the ANW course.

Tim took to Instagram to document his road trip, complete with his papercut ninja creations.

We can’t wait to see more of Tim Saguinsin and his papercut ninjas. Tune into NBC, starting to May 29th, to see ninja newcomers, as well as your favorites ninjas from seasons past.