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Ninjas will always embrace a challenge!

American Ninja Warriors are known for overcoming obstacles on the show. Their antics on Instagram prove that ninjas thrive on challenges anytime & anywhere.

Justin Merriman/NBC

Up for a challenge? Looking to add a little unconventional fun to your training? Follow Drew Drechsel, Grant McCartney, Kevin Bull, Michelle Warnky, Jamie Rahn, and a slew of other top notch ninjas on Instagram. It won’t be long before you come across an outside-of-the-box challenge! These ninjas simply record themselves doing extraordinarily difficult or creative feats of strength or agility. Then they challenge their followers to do the same, and post the video on social media. Some challenges are easy to attempt, but tough to master. Other challenges appear downright terrifying (unless you’re an ANW superstar!).

The Challenges...

Grant McCartney—

Have you ever done a squat with your toes & nose touching a wall? After Grant McCartney posted the #ToesAndNoseSquat Challenge, followers from everywhere posted their attempts.

Michelle Warnky —

Have you ever tried taking off your t-shirt while hanging from a bar? How about taking off multiple t-shirts while hanging from a bar? Here’s an oldie, but a goodie, from Michelle Warnky.

Drew Drechsel —

Drew Drechsel has posted many difficult challenges that are creative and fun, but to accomplish them, you need an extremely high level of skill and strength. In one difficult challenge, Drew scurries up a ten foot PVC pipe to grab a ring suspended from the ceiling. He warns viewers how dangerous this challenge is by saying, “Don’t try this unless you are Ethan Swanson, Jake Murray, Joe Moravsky, Daniel Gil or are just plain crazy.”

Kevin Bull —

Kevin Bull recently revived the #oneringchallege in which challengers are to attempt a muscle-up by gripping the top of one ring. This challenge was so tough that Kevin himself did not succeed.

Jamie Rahn —

Jamie Rahn recently posted a couple of innovative challenges. Check out this extra fun balance challenge.

Or, if you’re interested in a challenge with higher stakes, take a look at Jamie’s #MonkSquat challenge. Post your video & follow the steps by 3/27 for a chance to win a @HoneyStinger coupon code.

What are you waiting for?

Follow the ninjas.

Attempt the challenges.

Post your results!