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Make your Atlanta Ninja Warrior predictions now

The region’s Qualifiers and City Finals are just days away.

The American Ninja Warrior season 11 Atlanta Qualifiers and City Finals are just days away. They’ll be filmed on March 24 and 25, at the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

As the days and hours tick away until the Ninjas step up to the start line, it’s time to gather your predictions! We know the course will probably start with the new Shrinking Steps, but the rest of the course is a mystery from there.

There is a running list of who might be competing in this region here. (We say “might” because who knows that will happen between now and the competition.) It includes names like Drew Drechsel, Jessica Clayton, Kevin Carbone, Neil Craver, Ryan Stratis, Brett Sims, and Kenny Niemitalo. Basically, it’s looking to be a stacked, highly competitive region.

So, with the information we do have available, what do you think will happen in this location? Who’s going to take the fastest time? Have a feeling anyone will endure an early slip up? Will the course have a new beast of an obstacle we’ll need to worry about?

As a quick reminder, the show was last in Atlanta for season eight. Here’s what happened back then.

In the Qualifiers, the Big Dipper was trickier than it looked. Drew Drechsel was the fastest finisher. JJ Woods had a shocking early exit on on the second obstacle.

During the City Finals, James McGrath was the fastest finisher, beating Drew by just a few seconds. Four Ninjas were able to complete the full 10 obstacle course.

What are your predictions for American Ninja Warrior’s return to Atlanta for season 11?