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Using existing obstacles, put together your version of an American Ninja Warrior course

We were inspired by a functionality of the new video game.

Adam Bettcher/NBC

American Ninja Warrior debuted its official video game, “American Ninja Warrior Challenge,” yesterday. While we haven’t had the chance to play it ourselves, we have seen people sharing their opinions of the game online.

The game has one aspect that has captured our imagination since we heard about it. That’s the ability to set up your own course using pre-existing obstacles. It’s like Build-A-Bear for torturous physical feats!

If you could plug in obstacles from the show, what would your ultimate course look like?

There are plenty of obstacles to pick from. If you need a refresher, we have lists of all the obstacles from all the courses back to season eight.

Season eight obstacles

Mitchell Leff/NBC

Season nine obstacles

Myron Luzniak/NBC

Season 10 obstacles

Bill McCay/NBC

A regional Qualifying course has six obstacles and a City Finals course has 10 obstacles. But this is fantasyland, so the world is your oyster! Would you make your course longer or shorter? Would you start with an obstacle like the Archer Steps or Floating Steps, or something else? All upper body strength? A string of balance obstacles? You really can go any direction with this.

Tell us how you would set up an American Ninja Warrior course, using obstacles that have already been created for the show! Comment section is below!