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Make the most of a live taping with advice from fellow fans

There are some things you’ll want to be ready for.

Bill McCay/NBC

Planning on seeing American Ninja Warrior live for season 11? Awesome!

First, sign up for tickets. They’re free, but they’re on a first come, first served basis. You can sign up through On-Camera-Audiences.Com.

But what comes next? To get the most out of seeing the Ninjas take on the course right in front of your eyes, you’ll want to do a little preparation. We’ve shared our thoughts in the past, but we wanted the other audiences members to share their first-hand experiences.

We asked fans who’ve recently attended tapings to share their advice for first-timers. Here’s some of that feedback!

Taping overnight means there will be a temperature drop.

Be nice to all the competitors, whether you recognize them or not.

Be comfortable, nourished, and ready to cheer!

Rest up beforehand and be ready for the port-a-potty situation.

Be patient. There might be a line going in.

Never leave home without without a seat holder-buddy!

Be patient. The show will pause through the night for various reasons.

Keep an eye open for your favorite Ninjas!

And, obviously, just make sure you have fun! We’ll see you out there on the road, Ninja-fans!