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Audience members, what’s your advice for attending a taping?

Share your first-hand perspective.

David Becker/NBC

It’s that magical time of year in Ninja Warrior-land when all the competitors want to know is if they’re getting the call, and all the fans want to know is how to get tickets to a live taping.

One of those is an easy answer. You can sign up for free tickets to American Ninja Warrior through That company is responsible for handling all aspects of the audience. So if you have questions on the age limit, or arrival timing, that’s where you want to direct your queries.

What to expect as an audience member is a more involved question. We attempted to detail out some of the broader points in this article:

But it has been a while since we’ve been in the audience all night. We’d like a more updated perspective.

Have you attended a Ninja Warrior taping during seasons nine or 10? What were you most surprised by? What advice would you give to someone attending the event for the first time this year?

Give us your opinions on the comments below.