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Get ready, Oklahoma City Ninjas!

The calls for the third region have begun.

Cooper Neill/NBC

Los Angeles is in the bag. Atlanta is looming. American Ninja Warrior season 11 is well underway! The latest region to get “the call” is Oklahoma City. It looks like the phone calls from the casting department started yesterday, so there’s a good chance many more calls still need to be made.

These Ninjas will take on the Qualifying and City Finals courses April 12-13 at the State Capitol Building. It will be the show’s second time in this location. The last visit was back in season eight and the competitor’s delivered some impressive and deeply inspiring runs.

Below are a few of the Ninjas who’ve announced they’ll be running in Oklahoma City. It’s shaping up to be a very strong region!

For a running list of competitors, check out Ninja Guide.Com.

Daniel Gil

Abel Gonzalez

Josh Salinas

Brittany Hanks

Jody Avila

Tremayne Dortch

Brian Burkhardt

Karen Wiltin