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The Mega Wall rules are changing. How would you alter them?

Six Ninjas beat the 18-foot wall in season 10.

Bill McCay/NBC

American Ninja Warrior officially announced its return for season 11 in a press release that disclosed the taping locations, along with a few other tidbits. One section teased that there will be “significant changes to the course and the game play.”

However, the only way in which the press release was specific was by saying that there would be new rules around the Mega Wall. What do you think those new rules will be?

We actually had the opportunity to hear what the new rules are, so we need to keep our thoughts to ourselves in this conversation, but we’re curious as to what you think is coming for season 11.

As a reminder, the 18-foot tall Mega Wall debuted in season 10. Any Ninja who completed the wall won $10,000. However, you had to top the wall in just one attempt. If you missed your first Mega Wall attempt, you needed to move back to the 14.5-foot “regular” Warped Wall. On that wall, you still only had one attempt to move past it. The rules around the 14.5-foot wall remained the same. You had three attempts before you were DQ-ed. (If you hadn’t tried the Mega Wall first.) Also, the Mega Wall was only available during the City Qualifiers.

During season 10, 42 Ninjas attempted the Mega Wall. Six were successful: Daniel Gil, Adam Rayl, Nick Hanson, Ryan Stratis, Chris Wilczewski, and Najee Richardson.

Do you think that number was high, low, or pretty on target? Knowing that the Mega Wall rules will be different this year, what do you think the changes will be? Share your ideas in the comments below.