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We’re taking guesses on what costume Jessie Graff is creating for Ninja Warrior

What will be her inspiration this year?

John Parra/NBC

Did you see American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff’s Instagram story the other day? She tagged us in, so we were definitely paying attention.

We think we know what Jessie is getting at! Scissors and sewing needles? It’s Ninja Warrior costume time! Jessie has a long history of creating her own looks for the show, sometimes from the bottom up. Looks like she’s preparing for season 11.

So what do you think will be Jessie’s inspiration for American Ninja Warrior this year? Let’s take a look at what she’s created before. It does seem like she usually leans towards a heroes or comics theme.

Back in season five, she made her debut in a show-stopping chicken outfit.

She returned in season seven with a red, white, and blue ensemble.

Season eight was the now-iconic Wonder Woman inspired look.

But she had a green outfit for the National Finals and her history-making run on Stage One.

In season nine, Jessie was inspired by Spiderman in Daytona.

But she mixed it up again for Stage One in Las Vegas.

In season 10, Jessie had a brand new outfit that was compared to something from Greek mythology, or She-Ra.

We didn’t get to see what Jessie had in mind for the National Finals in 2018 since she was busy doing stunt work on Wonder Woman: 1984.

Let’s here your thoughts on potential season 11 costume ideas for Jessie! Take to the comments!