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These are your picks for future Ninja Warrior recruits

Are these Ninjas the next big thing?

Faith Foister/Instagram

February 6 was National Signing Day, which is a huge deal in the college football world. We wondered what it would be like if it was Ninja Warrior Signing Day, and asked you to share your favorite Ninjas who you think should be called up to the show. We love learning about rising stars in the sport so we thought we’d share the responses with you.

Judging by the last names of some of the commenters, we’re sensing a little favoritism, but we’ll allow it. :)

Faith Foister

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What way to start out this NNL season! Not only did I get to go back to where I competed in my first ever ninja competition but it’s almost been exactly a year since then. So what better way to see how much stronger i’ve gotten? Well, I ended up finishing in first place so this was the first NNL competition i’ve ever won! Congratulations to the super strong ladies @mynameiscara and @sophia_toaster for taking home second and third! Also, a huge thank you to @ninjawarriorplayground and all their staff for putting on what’s always one of my favorite competitions! I’m also thankful for the new friends I got to meet and the ninjas I don’t get to see very often that I got to see this weekend! I am SO proud of Carson for coming to his first NNL competition and absolutely crushing it! For those of you who were wondering, yes, he did beat me ‍♀️ But most of all I have to thank the one who gave me the ability to have a second chance of doing something I love! So all the credit goes to the Lord, I can’t wait to see what he has in store throughout this journey. ❤️ #NNL #nationalninjaleague #anw #anw2019 #anw11 #teamlevelup #leveluptriad #levelup #ninjawarrior #ninjacompetition #ninjababes #ninjatraining #ocr #obstaclecoursetraining #ninja #ninjababe #americanninjawarrior #gripstrength #nnlcompetition #anwtraining #ninjawarriorplayground #gripstrengthtraining #nnlfinals #nnlqualifier

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“Keep an eye out for Faith Foister. She’s in the NNL Finals (after getting 1st place) and was a Top Tester in Miami. I’ve had the pleasure of training with her and believe she will be a name the nation knows after this season.” - TheDownsizedNinja

“Watch out for Faith Foister from Level Up. She will be one of the next rising Ninja stars. She has won numerous NNL & UNAA competitions. She was a Top Tester for ANW Season 10. With a strong gymnastics background she can even give the men a run for their money. She is already a role model to all of the girls she coaches by overcoming 3 knee surgeries and showing them to never give up on their dreams. Can’t wait to see what this rising star can do!” - Ninjamama

Jonah Taggart

“The Ninjaneer is a young man to watch! Jonah Taggart, the Ninjaneer, has qualified for NNL World 2019 and will compete at UNAA Regional soon. He is fast, light on his feet and balanced!” - Marcella Sutton Jordan

Chase Brown

“The Magic Ninja! (Chase Brown) Watch for him at NNL young adults finals!” - Tad Brown

Conor Galvin

“Conor Galvin, no question! He was a top tester last year and has improved since last year!” - Daniel Zipadelli

Jonny Wilder

“Johnny Wilder - he cruised through NNLs stage 3 last year!” - Emily Rothschild

Noah Hartsough

“That’s easy. I’d pick The Ninja Maniac - Noah Hartsough” - Lynn Haralson Hartsough

Who else would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments and link us to a video of their Ninja skills!