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Ninja Warrior’s 2019 cities and taping dates will be announced February 14

Each city will make their own announcement, so stay tuned.

David Becker/NBC

Are you all ready for this? (Of course you are. You’ve been waiting for months.) We can finally tell you when we’ll learn where American Ninja Warrior is heading for season 11!

The 2019 American Ninja Warrior taping dates and locations will be announced on the morning of February 14.

That’s just a week away, and on Valentine’s Day to boot. Talk about a reason to have hearts in your eyes.

Now, keep in mind that each city will be making their own announcements in their local markets. This means they won’t all appear in a central area all at once. Chances are it will happen on the city’s local morning news and then quickly spread like wildfire. We’ll release the cities and dates once each location has their moment to shine. So if you want to be the FIRST, first to know, you’ll need to keep a close eye on Twitter and social media. (That’s also the reason we can’t give you an exact time or time zone.)

Back in January, we received some hints on where Ninja Warrior is heading this season. We’ve got some serious hunches at the moment, but we can’t give you any more info than that! The good news is we only have one more week to wait!

Are you excited? We are!