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How to watch The Titan Games: Episode six

Thursday, February 7 at 8pm on NBC.

Vivian Zink/NBC

Looks like we’re in for some emotions on the next episode of Dwayne Johnson’s Titan Games when a cancer survivor enters the arena. We’re also in the process of winding down the qualifying episodes. The open slots for for Titans are dwindling and soon we’ll be seeing the return of the previous episode winners.

Here’s how to watch.


Season one, episode six

Start time:

8/7c on Thursday, February 7 on NBC

Live Streaming:

Stream NBC Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.

You can also download the NBC app.

Previous episodes:

Previous episodes are available on NBC.Com.

You can also watch the premiere episode on YouTube.

Find out about other streaming services here to catch up on the season.

Next Episode:

8/7c on Thursday, February 14 on NBC