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5 things to do while waiting for the 2019 cities and taping dates

We’re all in the same, impatient, boat.

We’re still awaiting official word of the 2019 American Ninja Warrior filming locations and dates. Okay, first of all, we need to start this by getting something off our chests.

We. Do. Not. Control. The. Announcement. Of. The. Cities.

Whew, that feels better. We are just as anxiously awaiting the official word as you are. Yes, last month we got a juicy tip on some of the cities and the word that they were almost ready to be announced. But, then things happened. Things we’re not privy to, that we don’t know, and we can’t give you any insight on.

(Even MY MOM called to ask why I haven’t shared the cities and dates yet. I’M NOT IN CONTROL OF THIS, MOM!)

But, you know how if you’re in a restaurant and there’s this inevitable rule that if you stand up to go to the bathroom, your food will be delivered right then? We’re trying to exploit that quirk of the universe with this article.

Here are five things you can do while you wait for the 2019 American Ninja Warrior cities to be announced. (In the hopes that while I type this, the news drops and I have to panic and create a whole new article as fast as possible.)

1.) Watch your favorites episodes from season 10

We’ve listed out the ways you can stream the season online here.

2.) Listen to an American Ninja Warrior podcast

You can break down the episodes and get to know the Ninjas better with these podcasts.

3.) Write about your frustration that the cities haven’t been announced yet

This site has a section for anything you want to share. Just keep it clean. Don’t make me delete it because you’ve found a love of four-letter words.

4.) Try out The Titan Games

It’s currently airing and while it’s no Ninja Warrior, it will help you scratch that obstacle itch.

5.) Get outside and do some Ninja training

Build an obstacle. Do some at-home exercises. Find a local gym. Just focus all the Ninja energy on making your dreams a reality. We have some resources for you here.

We feel you, readers. The impatience is real. Together, we can get through this.