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Natalie Duran takes her Ninja skills to “The Challenge”

She joined the cast for the MTV show’s 33rd season.

Tyler Golden/NBC

Our Ninja Warriors are stretching their wings into new adventures! Natalie Duran, known for her upbeat personality on American Ninja Warrior, is the latest to venture out into a new show. She’s joining MTV’s “The Challenge: War of Worlds.”

Natalie has taken part in four seasons of American Ninja Warrior. She made her debut in season five and returned in season eight, where she advanced to the Los Angeles City Finals and received a wild card to Las Vegas. In season nine, she made it back to the City Finals once again, and in season 10, she had an early exit in the Qualifiers.

She’s also taken part in Team Ninja Warrior and Ninja vs Ninja as part of the Golden Hearts along with Grant McCartney and Neil Craver.

Starting this Wednesday, February 6, you’ll be able to see Natalie on MTV’s long-running program, “The Challenge,” which is in its 33rd season. Whoa.

In this “First Impressions” video that Natalie shared on her Instagram, it seems her fellow competitors are pretty impressed by having a Ninja Warrior in their ranks.

Natalie won’t be the only contestant on the show with Ninja experience. Long-time Challenge participant Johnny Bananas is also part of the cast. He did some Ninja Warrior training and tried out the Minneapolis course for his show, “First Look.”

We’re not super familiar with the format of “The Challenge,” but when it comes to physical stuff, we’re pretty confident Natalie will hold her own. We do wonder about the totally different culture of competition. It’s not “Ninjas versus the course” here. It’s definitely every competitor for themselves in the long run.

But who knows. Check out Natalie’s WHOLE new look and attitude in this picture!

How do you think an American Ninja Warrior will fair in a competition that requires more collusion and head-to-head face offs? Tell us in the comments!