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Watch this 8-year-old absolutely sail up a 14-foot Warped Wall

It doesn’t even look real!

Is there anything better than watching a little Ninja reach a goal? Especially when it’s a really ambitious one. In the video above, you’re watching 8-year-old Jeremy, who is just over four feet tall, land his first 14-foot Warped Wall!

Look at Jeremy reach for that ledge. It’s like he floats for a second!

Jeremy’s mom turned us on to the video, sharing that:

“My son is 8 years old, 4’1”, and he beat the 14’ warped wall for the first time at Jesse “Flex” Labreck’s gym with her cheering for him on 1-31-19...her birthday!!! He did it again today (Super Bowl Sunday), and he’s over the moon!!

He started ninja classes at Ultimate Ninjas Naperville (Jesse Labreck’s gym) in June 2018. He did the 8’ & 10’ walls right away, but it took him about two months to get the 12’ wall. He has been seriously working on the 14’ wall since about September. His goal was to conquer the wall by the end of 3rd grade. He got close in November and again in December, and he came really close at Pro Camp with Najee, Barclay, Flex, and almost 100 people cheering him on! He also won 1st place at an NNL competition in November, and he is looking forward to many more ninja warrior experiences in the future!”

To take that leap into perspective, on American Ninja Warrior Junior, the youngest age group is 9-10, and they take on a 13-foot Warped Wall with handholds starting at 10 feet. Basically, Jeremy is putting himself into a great position to be a contender on that show once he’s old enough.

Also, that video is just out of this world to watch and we had it on loop for a hot second. Keep up that dedication to your training, Jeremy!