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Ninja Warrior fans have strong feelings about Tom Brady

Well, that was quite the reaction.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

So, a year ago, we asked this fun little question in preparation for the Super Bowl.

Harmless, right? This year, we were thinking about it again as we were inspired to ask the same question about another Super Bowl-bound quarterback. Since the Patriots were also in the big game AGAIN, we decided there was no harm in throwing the Tom Brady question back up on social media.

What we did not realize was how passionately Ninja Warrior fans felt about Mr. Brady this time around.

Ninja Warrior fans everywhere upon seeing that question...

Whoa, did you all let us have it. Here’s a smattering of the Tom Brady opinions shared by American Ninja Warrior fans on social media.

So... general consensus seems to be you all think he’s a cheater.

One reader tried to offer some thoughtful insight... and things quickly got back to cheating.

We THINK these readers got that the article was a joke? Maybe? Yes, we’re aware it’s BS. We made this BS.

To be fair, maybe like two or three of the comments weren’t anti-Brady

But, there was really no denying the tone of the comment section.

Yeah. Okay. The Ninja Warrior community has spoken. Tom Brady is not currently a welcome topic of discussion. Message received.

Thank you for your feedback.