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Looking back on all of the Last Ninjas Standing of Las Vegas

The National Finals return to Las Vegas for the eighth time this year.

David Becker/NBC

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been exploring each of the locations American Ninja Warrior will visit for season 11.

In each of those cities, hundreds of athletes will attempt to get through the Qualifying and City Finals courses. We all know what comes after that. When all good things, like Ninja Warrior, come to an end, they end in Las Vegas for the National Finals.

On-Camera-Audiences lists the Las Vegas dates as June 18-21, and June 23. This is longer than the other locations because all four (hopefully!) stages of the National Finals need to be recorded, along with the USA vs The World, and the All-Star Skills Special.

Great things happen at the National Finals. It’s the culmination of a year of hard work for the finalists. The ultimate goal is to make it to the top of Stage Four, but we’re all well aware that’s only happened during one season.

As we anxiously await the results of season 11, let’s take a look back at all the previous LNS (Last Ninja Standing) title holders. We’re starting in season four because that was the first time the finals look place in Las Vegas and that’s what we’re talking about here!

  • Season four
  • 2012
  • LNS: Brent Steffensen

We couldn’t find a good video of his Stage Three run, so we included a not-so-great one, and a clip of Brent at the 2013 National Finals. You get the picture. In season five, Brent was the Last Ninja Standing when he beat the Ultimate Cliffhanger and made it to Hang Climbing.

  • Season five
  • 2013
  • LNS: Brian Arnold

Brian was SO close to completing Stage Three when he fell on the Flying Bar.

  • Season six
  • 2014
  • LNS: Joe Moravsky

Joe made it to the Hang Climb on Stage Three for his first time as the Last Ninja Standing.

  • Season seven
  • 2015
  • ANW Champion: Isaac Calidero

Both Isaac and Geoff Britten completed all four stages of the National Finals this season. Isaac’s time on the final rope climb edged out Geoff and awarded Isaac the championship title.

  • Season eight
  • 2016
  • LNS: Drew Drechsel

Drew ended his run on the Hang Climb of Stage Three. But we’ll see him back in the LNS position again soon!

  • Season nine
  • 2017
  • LNS: Joe Moravsky

For his second time as LNS, Joe battled his way to the Time Bomb on Stage Three.

  • Season 10
  • 2018
  • LNS: Drew Drechsel

The most recent season ended when Drew Drechsel fell on the Ultimate Cliffhanger. Sean Bryan also reached this point, but Drew’s faster time awarded him the $100k LNS prize.

What do you think Vegas will have in store for season 11? Are we heading back to Stage Four? Will more than two competitors survive the second stage?