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Dwayne Johnson names his first Titan Games Champions

The final eight Titans fought it out until only two remained.

Vivian Zink/NBC

Just nine short weeks after it all began, this is it: The Titan Games Championships! The final eight Titans needed to each face one more challenge to clear their path to a final race on Mount Olympus. This time, whoever locked in their relic in front of Dwayne Johnson first took home the title of the first Titan Champion and a cool $100,000.

Season one’s Titan Champions

Charity Witt: Charity left home when she was just 15. She worked as a cook and janitor, and even slept in the kitchen of her workplace. At 17, she was diagnosed with a heart condition. As a Titan, she has never let anything, from exhaustion to relentless opponents, stand in her way.

On her final match up and becoming a Titan

“My whole goal going up this time was just to stay focused and calm, not allowing any anxiety or jitters to cause me to mess up. The whole time, I was like, ‘Just don’t make a mistake.’ Everything was a step by step process for me.

When I hit the box, the top layer of cement caved in such a way that it was wedged and I had to pick through them all to find the key. I thought it would take up more time if I grabbed the hammer again. I just decided to get it out the best I could.

I still don’t have any words. It still doesn’t seem real. I feel like someone is going to be like, ‘Just kidding!’ Right now, it’s still sinking in.

This was not only one of the hardest physical things I’ve ever done, it’s the hardest mental challenge. Every time going into the unknown. I like it because it gets you used to just jumping over a cliff. Going through life not knowing what’s going to happen, but you know that you’re going to do your best and you’re going to come out on top.”

James Jean-Louis: We’ve had a feeling about James since his first challenge. He’s a Budweiser delivery truck driver and father who turned his life around. As he has said many times during this competition, he’s just has a hunger to win that’s been unmatched.

On his strategy for his final win and how he’s been waiting for this moment:

“I was over-the-top excited. I had jitters. I kept glancing over at Derik and thinking, ‘He’s ready. He’s so ready. He’s quick. I’m going to go even faster.’ Clearly, I couldn’t keep up.

I knew that with the ball and chain, with the cage, I was just going to have to make him work for it. Honestly I couldn’t sit still. I was ready to jump over it. But I waited until (the gate) actually fell and then I just started pulling. As I was pulling the ball and chain, I glanced over at the big screen and I saw that he was still pulling on the chains and I said, ‘Okay, here it is. Here’s where I’m really going to work.’

I just started slamming the Titan hammer. As soon as I got the first two cracks on the top, I said, ‘Forget them,’ and I threw it down and started digging with my hands. I saw the T, grabbed it, ran up there, and that was it.

It means everything right now because I basically spoke this into existence. I’ve called myself a Titan for years. My Instagram is Body of a Titan. Look at this. They gave me the stage and platform and God showed me the door, and I’m here right now. I’m shining. Thank you, Dwayne. This was hard work and dedication right here and I came out on top.

Hard, tough, blood, sweat, and at the end you earn the respect. I want to see what season two holds.”

Can’t miss moments

  • The final Mount Olympus runs

Charity Witt and Jackie Wood

Jackie Wood trailed behind Charity until the competitors reached the stadium floor. There, Jackie hauled on the Vortex chains to drop her gate and bring the game to an even heat. Charity, who had looked exhausted, finally settled on a strategy for moving the ball and chain and reached the tomb. After a few swings, she decided to just dig for the relic. As she struggled to pull it out, Jackie had the chance to hammer at her tomb and leave us wondering if this would be a come-from-behind win. Jackie was visibly emotional as Charity freed her relic and claimed the ultimate title.

James Jean-Louis and Derik Scott

Derik was not going to be painted as an underdog any longer. He paced right at James’ heels for the majority of the race. James had a decent lead up to the Torch Crank, with Derik starting behind him. But Derek churned his torch to the top and headed to the stadium floor in the lead himself. James used his trademark hunger to lift his cage first and access the ball and chain. While Derek was never far behind, James never let up, leading to his Titan win.

Full recap

You can find descriptions of these challenges at the end of this article.

Challenge One: Hammering Ram

Game changes for Finals: The hammer is now under three metal boxes that each weigh about 300 lbs. Titans must hammer out two steel posts to release the 350 lb ram.

The Titans:

  • Tyler Lucas: Previously beat Titan Brad Schaeffer in Cyclone
  • Derik Scott: Previously beat Titan Cole Wadsworth in Lunar Impact

Titan finalist: Derik Scott

Challenge two: Uprising

Changes for Finals: Levels two, three, and four are now twice as thick as previous

The Titans:

  • Jess Griffith: Previously beat Titan Ashley Hawkins in Atlas Smash
  • Charity Witt: Previously beat Titan Kara Lazauskas in Herculean Pul

Titan finalist: Charity Witt

Challenge three: Hammering Ram

The Titans:

  • Jackie Wood: Previously beat Titan Emily Andzulis in Lunar Impact
  • Christiana Rugloski: Previously beat Titan Nika Sedghi in Cyclone

Titan finalist: Jackie Wood

Challenge four: Uprising

The Titans:

  • James Jean-Louis: Previously beat Titan Christopher Watts in Atlas Smash
  • Bridger Buckley: Previously beat Titan DJ Townsel in Herculean Pull

Titans finalist: James Jean-Louis

Mount Olympus

Changes for Finals: 1000 lb wall is now 1200 lb. Back on the stadium floor, Titans will need to pull on the Vortex chains to raise a 500 lb cage that’s blocking access to the 300 lb ball.

  • Charity Witt vs Jackie Wood

Charity could feel the added weight of the ball, offering the one moment in the match where she hesitated. While Jackie was in it till the end, Charity became the first Titan Champion.


  • James Jean-Louis vs Derik Scott

James had a hair’s breadth of a lead until the Torch Crank, when Derik jumped ahead. James ground on the chains to regain the lead and propel himself to the title of Titan Champion.