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These young athletes might have stolen the show at the NNL World Championships

Bella Palmer and Ethan Bartnicki had the crowd roaring with their runs.

(L) Bella Palmer/Instagram | (R) Ethan Bartnicki/Instagram

The National Ninja League World Championships delivered plenty of action in the adult and Pro Divisions, but the younger athletes were also creating some stunning moments.

Check out two Ninja Warriors who can’t drive a car just yet, but they can crush a course.

Bella Palmer

Bella placed first overall in the Mature Kids Division. She did that by making it to Stage Three and completing it with a time of 3:30.42. That means she had the best time on that stage in ANY age group by two and half minutes!

Bella, at just 10-years-old, is racking up the competition experience, as evidenced by her Instagram account. She’s also a competitor on American Ninja Warrior Junior, but we don’t think we’ve seen her on the qualifying episodes just yet.

Ethan Bartnicki

Videos of Ethan’s Stage Two run are making the rounds on social media. With time ticking away, Ethan turned into a superhero who flew through the final obstacle, and hit the buzzer at the absolute last moment possible as the clock hit zero.

He went on to complete three obstacles on Stage Three, and place fifth overall in the Teen Division.

Ethan is also a competitor on American Ninja Warrior Junior and is currently a semi-finalist, so we’ll see him back on the course later in the season. We loved Ethan’s Instagram post, reflecting on his accomplishment.

In it, he said, “I learned to never stop trying even if there is 3 seconds left and a whole obstacle till the buzzer.”

Talk about a valuable life-lesson!

In the NNL Pro Division, Jesse Labreck and Adam Rayl took home the championships. In just a few more years, it might be Bella and Ethan on that podium!