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Ninja Warrior calls in the Atlanta competitors

The second region is filling its contestant roster.

Daniel McFadden/NBC

With the Los Angeles taping of American Ninja Warrior just a week away, the casting team has turned their eyes towards the next location: Atlanta, GA!

The show last visited Atlanta in season eight, and made its home at Turner Field. This time around, the course will be set up outside the stunning Mercedes Benz Stadium, which recently hosted the 2019 Super Bowl. American Ninja Warrior will record the Atlanta Qualifiers and City Finals March 24-25.

The calls for this region have started going out recently. As we always remind you, if you applied and think this would be your region, and your phone hasn’t rung yet, don’t despair. It takes a few days for all the calls to be made.

Here are a few of the Ninjas who’ve said they’re heading back to face the course in Atlanta!

Kenny Niemitalo

Ryan Stratis

Bootie Cothran

Morgan “Moose” Wright

Grace Sims

Devin “Dougie” Harrelson

Brett Sims

Casey Suchocki

Kevin Carbone