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How to watch The Titan Games: The final battle begins

All the Titans return to face off.

Vivian Zink/NBC

We’re only one episode away from the end of The Titan Games’ first season! 16 athletes have faced tough match ups and Mount Olympus in order to earn the title of Titan. Now, they all return for part one of the battle of the Titans. Four men and four women will advance to the finale, which is just a week away.

You can refresh yourself on all the advancing Titan competitors here.

Here’s how to tune in.


Season one, episode eight

Start time:

8/7c on Thursday, February 21 on NBC

Live Streaming:

Stream NBC Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.

You can also download the NBC app.

Previous episodes:

Previous episodes are available on NBC.Com.

You can also watch the premiere episode on YouTube.

Find out about other streaming services here to catch up on the entire season.

Next Episode:

Season finale. Thursday, February 28, 8pm on NBC.