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Ninja Warrior nominated for four Reality TV Awards

A. Smith and Co. has 12 nominations total.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

The nominations for the sixth annual Reality TV Awards were announced this morning and American Ninja Warrior received four nominations.

American Ninja Warrior is nominated in the categories of:

  • Overall Competition Show
  • Overall Show
  • Feel Good Show
  • Digital Reality Series (Crashing the Course)

That’s certainly not all for the Ninja Warrior family though. A. Smith and Co, the team behind Ninja Warrior’s production, is nominated in the category of Outstanding Production Company. They also have 12 nominations in total for their various shows, more than any other production company this year!

Team Ninja Warrior is also nominated for Outstanding Editing.

We’re not entirely sure how RTA breaks down the time frame for nominations, but we’re imaging it’s a year behind, so to speak. So although season 10 of American Ninja Warrior aired in 2018, the RTAs is honoring programs from 2017. That would explain how Team Ninja Warrior and Crashing the Course are still in the mix. (Crashing the Course wasn’t produced for season 10, and Team Ninja Warrior transitioned into Ninja vs Ninja.)

New this year to the Reality TV Awards is the Fan Favorite section. Here, you can vote for up to three cast members within the nominated shows, and your favorite Ninjas from ANW.

Last year, Matt Iseman hosted the Reality TV Awards and American Ninja Warrior won one of its six nominations. It just so happened to be for Crashing the Course.

In the fourth annual Reality TV Awards, Ninja Warrior won “Best Competition Show” out of its seven nominations. Let’s hope Ninja cleans up its categories this year!

You can review all the nominees here. Go here to cast your vote for American Ninja Warrior!