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5 more gift ideas for your Ninja Warrior-loving Valentine

Young or old, there’s something for everyone

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Ryan Tuttle/NBC

Whether the American Ninja Warrior fan in your life is young or grown-up, there are ways to incorporate the show into your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Last year, we brought you seven gift ideas that had a Ninja Warrior-theme to them, and we do recommend you check out those recommendations. They include: Customized merch, Ninja Warrior love songs, couple’s activities and tickets to a live taping.

This year, we’ve come up with five more ideas for you. Some of them can be accomplished quickly and with little financial cost, some take a little more planning. Hopefully there’s something here that sparks your interest!

1.) Tickets to a Ninja-studded live event

You can look like you’ve been planning for months with this one! It just so happens that right after Valentine’s Day, the NNL World Championships, and the Wolfpack Event at the US Open are taking place.

2.) Ninja Warrior-themed baked goods

Generally, these are reserved for children’s birthday parties, but A) It’s cake, everybody likes cake. B) Age is just a number.

3.) Merch from their favorite Ninja

A LOT of Ninja Warriors are in the t-shirt game. Find our who your loved one’s favorite competitor is and see if you can snag them some swag. It’s a great way to give an extra boost of confidence, like this little guy in his Tyler Yamauchi shirt.

4.) A Ninja Warrior book

Got a reader on your hands? American Ninja Warrior books are popping up all over the place. You have options for every age group. There’s Akbar’s upcoming book, the “Ultimate Insider’s Guide,” a kid’s Ninja book written by Daniel Gil, and a book about the journey to become a Ninja from Michelle Warnky’s dad, Chris, to name a few.

5.) Tell them how to get on the show

This one has the benefit of being cost efficient! Many people dream about taking part in the show, but have no idea how to get in front of the producers. Put together some instructions on how to apply. (Applications are closed for season 11, which gives them time to get ready for next year.) Give them the link to the casting page, some advice on how to make a submission video, and some thoughts from a Ninja Warrior veteran on how to navigate the process. Put it all together in a binder with a calendar so they can track their training and progress.