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Take home a bit of Ninja Warrior with the on-site merch tent

A passionate team travels with the show for all your shopping needs.

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After you snag tickets to a live taping of American Ninja Warrior, get ready to take home part of the experience!

Since season nine, American Ninja Warrior tapings have included a merch tent for all your shopping cravings. There are shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, water bottles, almost everything you can think of whether you want to wear it to the gym as inspiration, or wear it on the couch for comfort.

What exactly do they have in the merch tent? Take us for a tour, Joe Morvaksy!

Those blankets can come in quite handy when the temperatures drop at 3am...

The merch shop is helmed by a group that really cares about their Ninja community. When Daniel Gil had his National Finalist backpack stolen, they went ahead and made him another one without him even knowing.

They take their merch work VERY seriously, as you can see.

The group travels along with the show during the season and they set up the merch tent, rain or shine. Take a look at their dedication during one of the Minneapolis monsoons we experienced during season 10!

Be sure to say hello to the fun-loving team when you stop by their tent during the season! If you can’t get to a taping location, you don’t have to miss out on the swag. You can also purchase official American Ninja Warrior gear online at