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Casting calls for the first filming location have begun

If you applied, keep your phone handy!

Tyler Golden/NBC

On Friday afternoon, a very important annual moment took place in the American Ninja Warrior community. The phones of Ninjas who applied to take part in season 11 started ringing with that coveted 818 area code on the screen.

Yes, casting calls have begun for this year’s competition.

Generally, we know the cities and dates for filming by this point, so we know where people are heading and in what order the phone calls will be made. The entire season is not cast all at once. The casting department works through things location by location, calling the participants in the first city, getting that squared away, and then moving on to the next location. However, we all know by now that the cities will not be released until this Thursday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day!). That means we can’t say where the Ninjas who got the first phone calls are heading.

(But let’s be real, think of the last three seasons. What city has led things off every time? Whatever location you just thought to yourself, you’re most likely right.)

Naturally, the Ninjas who got those first few phone calls were elated and took to social media to share their excitement.

Here are some of the Ninjas who’ve indicated they’ll be returning to American Ninja Warrior at the first filming location of season 11.

(A word of warning: If you applied and haven’t gotten a call yet, DON’T PANIC. Calls take a few days to make. Also, some Ninjas just don’t post everything on social media. If you don’t see a name here, that doesn’t mean they’re NOT coming back to the show.)

Flip Rodriguez

Tiana Webberley

Grant McCartney

Brian Kretsch

Selena Laniel

Westley Silvestri

Arnold Hernandez

Benjamin Humphrys

We’re sure to see many more Ninjas making their announcements in the next couple of days. Take to comments to tell us who else will be heading to the course!