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Meet your 2020 Ninja goals with these training videos from Drew Drechsel

Check out these tips from one of the top Ninjas!

American Ninja Warrior - Season 8 Photo by: David Becker/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

This article was published prior to Drew Drechsel’s arrest. NBC and American Ninja Warrior have since cut ties with him.

Are you finally making the transition from fan to Ninja in 2020? Or maybe you want to step up your training and test your skills at a Ninja comp? Either way, the season 11 Champion, Drew Drechsel, has a ton of videos on his YouTube challenge that can help you get started or go to the next level with your training.

You can find all the training videos—and more—on Drew’s channel here, but a few that stand out include:

There are also some cool parkour videos and Drew doing some crazy feats, like 19 weighted pull-ups with an extra 43.8 lbs in 60 seconds and 1,725 push-ups in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Most of these videos are a few years old, so it gives us a look at just how hard the Real Life Ninja has been working for so long, and how much he deserved Total Victory this season!