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6 Must-Read Ninja articles from 2019

Waiting for NYE? Here are a few ways to pass some time.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11 Photo by: Quantrell Colbert/NBC/BCU Photo Bank

We’ve already reviewed the top 10 articles from American Ninja Warrior Nation in 2019, but we have a few more stories worth adding to your must-read list.

Here are six of our favorite articles from 2019 to keep you busy as you wait for New Year’s Eve festivities to start.

1. Drew Drechsel is a dad

We’ll never get over this exciting announcement! Welcome to the world, Korey Kade!

2. What makes a good Ninja shoe?

We talked with Barclay Stockett, Tyler Gillett, and Meagan Martin about what makes a good Ninja shoe and why so many Ninjas wear the New Balance Zantes.

3. Watch Drew Drechsel hit six buzzers this season

Another great one about the Champion!

4. 5 behind-the-scenes stories about the ANW community

Take a look at what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling.

5. Maggi Thorne on her Traumatic Brain Injury and making the decision to leave ANW

In case you missed the announcement, Maggi has decided to step back from ANW to take care of her health and family.

6. Going from Ninja fan to Ninja athlete is a pretty tall order

Jill tells us everything we need to know about making the jump from fan to athlete.

Got a New Year’s road trip planned? Listen to any of the great podcast episodes! Nikki talks to Drew Drechsel right after winning, Jessie Graff about coming back to ANW, Flip Rodriguez on why he almost didn’t compete this season, and more.