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Nick Hanson offers inspiration to American Ninja Warrior hopefuls

Nick’s season 7 submission video was authentically him

Brandon Hickman/NBC

Four days remain! December 6, 2019, is the very last day to submit your American Ninja Warrior application (by 11:59 p.m. PST to be exact). Ryan Stratis, Dan Yager, and Roo Yori are among those who have already submitted, but there are plenty of Ninjas who are still in the mad dash to submit. If that describes you, Nick Hanson has sent some video inspiration your way.

Below is Nick Hanson’s very first ANW submission video (season 7). If unique was what Nick was going for, he nailed it! How many other Ninjas have participated in the World Eskimo Indian Olympics, dominating events like the Seal Hop and the Blanket Toss (using a sealskin blanket)? Of course the leg strength Nick showed in the Scissor Broadjump event didn’t go unnoticed. No wonder he was the world record holder—and no wonder he later had success on the Mega Wall!

Although there’s a ton of awesome content squeezed into Nick’s video, the Eskimo Ninja prides himself most on putting together an authentic video. When we asked Nick for a few words of submission video wisdom, he came through in a big way. We’re so glad we asked! Soak in every last detail while there’s still time.

#1 Be authentic.

“When I’m talking to people that ask me about applying for the show, I always revert to authenticity. Know who you are and express that in your submission video. You don’t have to change who you are because you’re applying for a TV show. The producers of the show want you to be genuine and real. If you look at Grant McCartney, Chad Flexington, Jessie Graff, myself: the people you see on TV are genuinely the people that we are. And even though Flexington wears the wig and a bunch of awesome clothes… that’s genuinely the type of person he is—fun, outgoing, shameless.”

#2 Celebrate your uniqueness.

“What is it about you that sets you apart from those people? Think about it,” he suggests. “What sets you apart from the Ninjas that you look up to?”

#3 Shine a light on the reasons you love Ninja.

“You’re not applying for American Ninja Warrior because you want to get on TV. You’re applying because you genuinely love it, and you want a chance to express how much you love it. Show that through your application. Show that in your submission video. Show that to yourself every day, and your chances of becoming the next American Ninja Warrior are pretty good!”

Nick Hanson

Last we heard, Nick hadn’t hit the submit button yet for season 12, but we’re confident he’ll come through with something perfectly authentic, fantastically unique, and full of love.

As you finish the final details of your submission, keep Nick’s words in mind.

“Yes we want to win, yes we want to do very well, but more importantly we love it. That’s the reason why all of us veterans continue to apply for the show.”

Good luck, Ninjas!