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Holiday gift ideas for the Ninja on your list

There are so many great options!

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We’re down to the last weekend to get Christmas shopping done! What are you getting for the Ninjas in your life this Christmas? If you’re a bit of a procrastinator, like some of us at American Ninja Warrior Nation, we’ve got some ideas to jumpstart your shopping.

Take a look at some of the Ninja gifts that are out there this season.

Ninja Swag

American Ninja Warrior has an online store full of ANW merchandise. You can find all of the expected items — clothing, towels, hats, headbands, blankets, water bottles — as well as unexpected items like cornhole, dartboards, Christmas ornaments, and so much more. And for the bargain hunters among us, the coupon code LASTCHANCE should get you 20% off your purchase from the American Ninja Warrior store for a limited time.

Ninja Chalk

Chalk isn’t allowed on the official ANW courses, but it sure is a staple in many Ninja gyms across the country. Kids especially love it! Chalk seems to give them extra Ninja powers whether it’s on their hands…or their pants...or anywhere, really! There is even a group of Ninjas who call themselves “Bucket of Chalk” for obvious reasons.

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Pull-up Bar

Many Ninjas will tell you that pull-ups are among the best exercises for aspiring Ninjas. Luckily for us, a full gym set-up isn’t required for practicing pull-ups. There are a variety of pull-up bars that fit in any doorway. This video by Backyard Ninja Dad, Scott Behrends, does an excellent job of explaining the different options on the market.

Ninja Shirts

There is no better way to proclaim your Ninja fan status than by sporting your favorite Ninja’s t-shirt! Many Ninjas sell their shirts via their websites or their social media accounts. Look for links to their online shops.

A trip to a Ninja Gym

The Ninja Passport is a relatively new product that will allow you to give the gift of Ninja all throughout the year! By purchasing a passport for your Ninja, you will provide them with one free open gym pass (as well as another 50% off open gym pass) at every participating Ninja gym across the country. (There are currently over 150 gyms who accept the Ninja Passport.) The Ninja Passport also allows Ninjas to track which gyms they’ve been to, move up a leaderboard, and a chance to earn prizes. You can find all of the info about the Ninja Passport here.

Massage Gun

Even the seasoned Ninja on your Christmas list may not have a massage gun yet. We’ve noticed them pop up on social media quite a bit in the last few months. As Karsten Williams says, Ninjas put their bodies through a lot to prepare for American Ninja Warrior. This is one way to thank their muscles.

There you have it — a few fresh Ninja gift ideas! If none of these ideas speak to you, there’s always Ninja standbys like Ninja holds, ropes, trapeze bars, grip strengtheners, or campus boards. Whatever you decide, we hope your Ninja loves it, and it is a happy holiday for all!