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Ninja Warrior skills are handy in the stunt double world

Is there anything that Ninjas can’t do!?

David Becker/NBC

Have you noticed that many Ninjas are fearless, focused, and flexible? It turns out that these skills come in handy at places other than the Ninja course. For Jessie Graff, Tiana Webberley, and Flip Rodriguez, these Ninja skills are used in their stunt double work.

Tiana Webberley recently told the world that she had a blast “getting thrown into walls and tackling friends” when she doubled Allegra Acosta on Marvel’s Runaways.

Tiana has also mentioned her love of high falls on a couple different occasions. Do all Ninjas enjoy this or just the extra fearless ones?

Jessie Graff had to skip the ANW season 10 National Finals due to her stunt work on Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 is supposed to come out in June 2020.

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@wonderwomanfilm #WW84 is in theaters June 5!!!

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Of course, Wonder Woman isn’t the only movie that Jessie has been involved in. This Ninja has been involved in stunt work galore—Teen Wolf, Supergirl, Future Man, and Criminal Minds are just a few of the sets she has worked on. With skills like this (below), it’s no wonder she’s in high demand.

Flip Rodriguez is another Ninja who’s familiar with the stunt double scene. He’s been working in that arena for quite a few years, working on the sets of Bumblebee, Transformers, and Scouts vs Zombies (just to name a few).

The next time an action movie is on your screen, look closely. There just might be a Ninja hidden in the action!