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Ever-supportive ANW fans show their support by sporting Ninjas’ unique logos

T-shirts are a popular way to show the world your Ninja love!

Karson Voiles

Ninja fans show their love and support for Ninjas in many ways. They cheer at competitions, they make signs, they follow on social media, and they practically shout it from the rooftops that Ninjas are phenomenal human beings. We’ve also noticed another way that Ninja fans support their favorite Ninjas – they collect and wear their shirts!

In general, we’ve noticed that fans don’t just have one or two shirts from their very favorite Ninjas. They have a whole stack…a whole drawer full…enough to wear a different one each day for a solid week or two or three!

I mean, we don’t blame them – there are some sweet designs out there! And if you’re going to represent someone on your shirt, who better than a strong, determined, & healthy Ninja?

Let’s take a look at some of the Ninja shirts that fans love to sport.

Whenever Tiana Webberley runs the course, her many supporters are easy to spot in their bright yellow shirts.

Everyone wants the shirt of a champion! While many Ninjas’ shirts have evolved significantly over the years, Drew has stuck with his signature bright orange, with only minor changes to his logo. And now he’s passing the bright orange down to the next generation. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see little Korey Kade among the sea of bright orange Drew fans on season 12.

Grant McCartney has a loyal Pineapple Pack fan club and his shirts are always plentiful in any Ninja scene.

The Rayl Roadies are always out in force, supporting Adam with their red shirts and red bandanas.

Jamie Rahn has all sorts of Captain NBC fans.

Jamie’s logo has recently changed. We’re wondering if this might mean that many Jamie Rahn supporters will find a brand-new t-shirt under the Christmas tree this season.

Karson Voiles just debuted his Karsonic Boom t-shirt, and we’re loving it!

Of course, it’s not only the fans who support the Ninjas with their shirt choice; it’s the Ninjas themselves too! Jake Murray showed off his extensive collection of Ninja shirts in his season 10 submission video (4:20 minute mark). We’re willing to bet that his shirt collection is even bigger now!

While Jake wears his fellow Ninjas’ shirts, they support him too. Clearly, David Wright received extra powers from his Jake Murray shirt on this training day!

We love how the fans and the Ninjas show their support for the whole community. Wear those Ninja shirts with pride, and share photos with us in the comments!