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Ninjas love a good hard challenge

We’ve come to expect amazing challenges from Ninjas, but these are extra amazing!

April Beckner

Ninja training in general is not for the faint of heart. These Ninjas are tough, strong, and fearless, and honestly, we’ve simply come to expect amazing things from them. However…we’ve recently seen some Ninja challenges that take it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Grant McCartney is in straight up beast mode, flipping these 100 lb. plates around.

Of course, normal ol’ push-ups are much too mundane for the average Ninja. They’re always altering their technique to up the difficulty or the fun factor. The push-ups that Tremaine Dortch did, however, are extra insane. And the fact that he makes it look easy makes it even more impressive!

As the Ninjas are fully aware, Ninja challenges are always more fun with a friend. You know you’ve made it in the Ninja world when you’re exploring ways to make the Salmon Ladder more challenging.

Travis Brewer takes balance and body control to the extreme.

And every amusement park enthusiast can appreciate this one. Can anyone actually beat the carnival ladder? Kevin Bull proves that Ninjas can!

Challenges are never-ending in the Ninja community, and we never get tired of them. They keep the sport fresh and fun, and they keep our newsfeeds entertaining and awe-inspiring.

Can’t get enough of the Ninja challenges, either? Here are a few more to check out.

Thanks for being creative, strong, and full of fun, Ninjas!