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Jonathan Horton has a new book coming out this week

You can order it now.

Jonathan Horton

Olympic gymnast and American Ninja Warrior competitor Jonathan Horton has just published his 2nd book, titled Falling Forward, an autobiography about his journey to becoming an Olympic-level gymnast.

In his autobiography, Jonathan doesn’t dedicate a whole lot of book space to his successes. Rather, he focuses on the backstories in between the success, highlighting sacrifices, persistence, and self-belief.

According to Jonathan, “I was an ordinary kid who failed his way to an Olympic dream. I wasn’t special, and I certainly wasn’t the most talented, but I had an unquenchable desire to achieve my dream. Through every phase of my journey, I failed on the biggest stages, but those moments empowered me; even the darkest seasons drove me forward toward my dream.”

It’s no wonder that Jonathan seems to have found a home in the Ninja community. His drive, his never give up attitude, and his ability to find motivation in the failures gives him a lot in common with many of our favorite Ninjas.

Jonathan has competed on five seasons of American Ninja Warrior: 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. He’s done quite well, earning a spot in the City Finals three times. So far, though, the National Finals in Vegas have been out of his reach. Has his failure to make it to the finals been motivation for season 12? Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out soon!

A personalized signed copy of Falling Forward can be ordered now on Jonathan’s website, (and will be shipped on December 12). The book will also be available soon on Amazon.