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Find inspiration for your ANW submission videos here

The deadline is looming!

David Becker/NBC

You have exactly 29 days to submit your season 12 American Ninja Warrior applications! Although there are many written responses involved in the application, our favorite component is the submission video! Every year, Ninjas everywhere vie for the attention of the producers with fun, quirky, creative, over-the-top videos that capture their personality, strength, and skill.

If you’re in need of submission video inspiration, or you just love high-quality Ninja Youtube, this round-up of submission videos through the years is for you. (Ryan Stratis also recently did a Twitch stream walk-through of the application and shared his best advice, or check out this interview with the ANW Casting Director for even more tips!)

It’s pretty much impossible to talk about great submission videos without this one coming up. Jake Murray is truly one-of-a-kind.

Throwing it back to season 4… This guy has put in the work and overcome plenty of obstacles to finally achieve total victory in season 11.

Watching Tiana Webberley’s season 10 submission video, we can definitely see how Sweet T got her nickname.

Brian Burk nailed this submission video, just like he nailed season 11!

Jessie Graff rocked out the ukulele and personalized lyrics to accompany her athletic feats of strength and skill.

Throwing it back to the woman who was a game changer in the sport and paved the way for so many others.

No Ninja Gym? No problem! All you need is the great outdoors. Bonus points if your great outdoors happens to be in Hawaii…

Now it’s time to create your own winning submission video. Show your skills. Tell your story. Have a blast. We just might see you on season 12.

And even if your best efforts don’t pay off this time, you’re in good company. This submission video by Kevin Bull didn’t earn him a spot on the show either. However, in true never-give-up Ninja fashion, Kevin persisted. He joined the walk-on line, got a shot at the course, made history with his outside-of-the-box thinking, and has competed on every season since.

Grab your video camera and start recording. Let’s go!