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Did your favorite American Ninja Warrior dress up for Halloween this year?

Ninjas are a fun, creative, and talented bunch!

Sandy Zimmerman

Over the past few days, we have loved seeing Halloween pictures of young Ninjas dressing up as their favorite Ninjas. It got us thinking – how did our favorite Ninjas dress for Halloween?

Modern Tarzan definitely picked a perfectly convincing custom-made costume.

Zuri is always stylish and full of fun!

Charity LeBlanc chose a scary version of her mermaid-self for Halloween, while also showing off her incredible make-up skills.

The avocado is known as a superfood and is wildly popular these days – kind of like the wildly popular super Ninja, Drew Drechsel!

The Island Ninja went for hilarious…and nailed it!

Hopefully, Karson Voiles and his family entered a contest or two because they should win in every category!

Ryan Stratis made a very convincing lumberjack.

We bet Sandy Zimmerman had fun teaching her students while playing the role of her fellow Ninja.

But that wasn’t the only costume that Sandy had up her sleeve this Halloween. Sandy and the Zimm Ninjas are providing us with the grand finale of Halloween costumes. This video has it all!

After seeing that, our Halloween is complete. Bring on Thanksgiving!