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The Maker Ninja answers fan questions about his favorite obstacle and what’s next

American Ninja Warrior - Season 9 Photo by: Myron Luzniak/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

First, some unfortunate news. It looks like Kevin Carbone won’t be able to compete in season 12 of American Ninja Warrior. The Maker Ninja announced on Instagram that he broke his wrist and would be getting surgery. He described how difficult it will be to sit out for a few months, but finished the post with #thankful, so we hope he heals quickly!

We hope Kevin can keep his spirits up and based on his Q&A on the official Ninja Warrior Instagram account about a month ago, we’re sure he’ll come up with a new obstacle or two in the downtime (he’s already hinted at some exciting new ideas).

Here are some of the questions and answers for the budding obstacle designers out there:

evan_brach: What type of pipe should I use for the salmon ladder? @themakerninja they all end up bending

Kevin: Good question. Call a local metal supplier and ask for a 1.25-inch outside diameter aluminum pipe with a wall thickness of schedule 80. Won’t bend! Should be about $60

cambreemartens: What is your favorite obstacle you’ve created?

Kevin: The Wingnuts! To this day

dapuglova: Where did you come up with the Wingnuts?

Kevin: Haha! The idea came to me in the shower... where all the best ideas are born!!

alyssa.grace.g also asked how he came up with the idea and Kevin shared a little bit more:

The idea was inspired by the rope swing in my backyard! I loved the idea of swinging sideways!

jaidan._.loves._.doggos: What’s your least favorite obstacle?

Kevin: Probably the jumping spider. I don’t like spiders..

joey_sabia_: What’s ur favorite obstacle u have ever tried?

Kevin: My favorite is the Double Dipper. When I did it for the first time it was a huge rush of speed and adrenaline!!