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Happy Friday – the day when Ninjas proudly post their Ninja fails!

Failure is hard, but Ninjas know the benefits.

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In Ninja, failure equals motivation — a chance to do better, a reason to work harder. Although success is sweet, failure is key. It proves that Ninjas are pushing their limits. They’re not afraid to try and they are not afraid to fail.

Use these proudly posted Ninja fails as motivation to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Season 11 rookie, Lindsey Partenio, shows us that sometimes failures happen when you least expect them...and laughter is often the best medicine.

We love Halei Jo Fuller’s commitment to always be herself, and we love her enthusiasm both before and after this Salmon Ladder fail.

Daniel Gil shows us that if you’re going to fail, you might as well fully appreciate it with a slow-mo video.

We can always count on Karsten WIlliams to have a great attitude no matter what the circumstance.

Fail Friday The goal here was to “one tap“ or “link” all of these transfers together and see how far I could go. In...

Posted by Karsten Williams - Ninja Warrior on Friday, November 15, 2019

If at first she doesn’t succeed, Tiana Webberley will try, try again!

With the exception of Barclay getting hit in the head, we almost have a hard time calling this a “Fail Friday”! With lock-offs like that, can we truly call this video a fail?

I know #failfriday is a thing, but I don’t just fail on Fridays . Also, that left a mark ‍♀️

Posted by Barclay Stockett on Sunday, November 17, 2019

And even though failure is both common and necessary, Najee Richardson reminds us that it isn’t always easy to take.

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Let’s talk about failure for a second. Here’s the truth about it. It. Freaking SUCKS. It’s Embarrassing, Heartbreaking, Frustrating. And at times it can even be Overwhelmingly Discouraging. But here’s another truth about it, with every failure there’s a lesson to be learned in that failure. A key component that lead to the failure that can be used to sharpen your craft. To say I’ve been on a streak of unfortunate fails this competitive season would be a major understatement seeing as the last 4 competitions I’ve been in I haven’t been able to find my stride so to speak. But with each of those competitions I was still able to walk away with something just as important as a win.. a lesson. Alternate Routes UNX, Failed the last obstacle by pumping out. Lesson, you can’t start your training within a week of a competition and expect to be the strongest in the room. Centercourt NNL, DQed on the 3rd obstacle for going from starting platform to landing platform. Lesson, if you truly feel in your gut that something needs to be contested, speak up, as an athlete there’s nothing wrong with making sure you’re getting a fair shot to display your skills and hard work. Action Athletics, failed midway through course by losing my balance stepping off the landing platform. Lesson, NEVER take an obstacle for granted no matter how easy it may appear. Ultimate Ninjas UNX Major 1. Failed the same obstacle twice in semi finals and finals landing me in 10th and 9th place. Lesson, as much as we wish otherwise, unfortunately our bodies are human, not machine and we need to take care of it, not neglect it. Competing when your body’s going through an injury will present challenges that unfortunately will keep you from performing the way you expect it to, especially when an obstacle directly exposes that injury. I’ve been feeling all of the down sides to these failures a lot recently and you’re damn right it can get overwhelming.. but I have faith with each failures lesson it’s pushing me towards a level I’ve never reached before and for now that’s all the motivation we need #RisingPhoenix #ANW #NinjaWarrior #Ninja #Athlete #NationalNinjaLeague #NNL #UNX #failure #grateful

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As Najee says, sometimes (often times), failure isn’t fun. It can be heartbreaking and overwhelmingly discouraging. As fans, it’s easy for us to say, “just get back up and try again.” But these Ninjas actually do...even when it’s hard. They have the long-term vision to know the benefits, and they make us proud with their strong-will and perseverance. Kudos to you, Ninjas!