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Training for American Ninja Warrior? Try these tips from Tyler Gillett

When fans had the opportunity to ask Tyler some questions, many of them were about training. Here are a few of his answers.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 10 Photo By: David Becker/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

As soon as he came on the scene in American Ninja Warrior, Tyler Gillett made an impression. In his rookie season, Tyler had the third-fastest time in Qualifiers and then made it all the way to Stage Two. In season 10, he made it to Stage Two again. And last season, he got the fastest time in Atlanta City Qualifiers, then later failed on Cane Lane in Stage Three. We think it’s safe to say that Tyler is one of the strongest and fastest Ninjas on ANW right now.

So when fans had the opportunity to ask Tyler some questions on the American Ninja Warrior Instagram, many of them were about training.

Here are a few of his tips:

dloading_81: What’s the best way to train without a ninja gym nearby?

Tyler: Use what you’ve got! Get a cheap pull-up bar you can put on your doorway. That’s what I use! If you have woods nearby, go in the woods and make an obstacle course out of your surroundings. Pull-ups on tree branches, vaulting over fallen trees. Another way is playgrounds. Go to your nearest playground and get creative. Find ways to use the structures in unconventional ways.

haywood.ninjas: What is your favorite exercise movement?

Tyler: Training obstacles in general is fun. But I find that pull-ups are the best way for me to build strength and muscle endurance when all I have is a bar.

valeriehampton_insta: What is a good way to build up your strength?

Tyler: Start slow. Push-ups and pull-ups. There are plenty of ways to make pull-ups and push-ups easier if they are too hard. Use a resistance band or a chair to put a foot on while doing the pull-ups helps while learning.

annie.greatrex: What are the best muscles to train for ANW?

Tyler: All of them But upper body is very crucial to Ninja. Lats, forearms, biceps. An easy way to work on these would be pull-ups. I do a ton of those.

annie.greatrex: What tips do you have for ninjas in training?

Tyler: Find fun ways to get stronger. And find friends who will workout with you! It helps a ton to keep motivated! Don’t be afraid to start slow and progress. And don’t be afraid to take rest days!!!

d.avidt: What are some good ways to practice flips?

Tyler: Go to a gym with lots of padding and find someone who knows how to spot you! I’m not the best at flips, but can do some. This might be a better question for @ethanswanson.

Ethan: Yes! Have a good spotter who can teach you and make sure you’re being safe!