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Brian Kretsch puts out a new Ninja Challenge

Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge every day?

NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” Season 7 Finale Preview Screening Photo by Brian Feinzimer/FilmMagic

Ninjas love a good challenge, and Brian Kretsch has a new one for us. It’s definitely not your typical Ninja challenge, but we think if there’s any group of people who can succeed at this challenge, it’s the Ninja community!

Take a look:

Brian’s #KindActADay Challenge began Wednesday, November 13th, coincidentally on World Kindness Day. Funnily enough, Brian didn’t know about this holiday – he just has really good timing!

We all know that Ninjas are kind. We see it on the show, as they support their fellow competitors. We see it in every Ninja gym around the country. We see giant acts of kindness – remember when a Ninja gave away the car he had just won at Ultimate Backyard Warrior? And just as importantly, we see smaller acts of kindness, too, like Ninjas visiting kids in the hospital, Ninjas stopping for a selfie with their biggest fan, and Ninjas raising money for their favorite charity.

Now, with Brian Kretsch as our leader, it’s time to shine a light on kindness. Share it. Spread it. Post about it! And follow Brian’s acts of kindness here. If you’re up for the challenge, Brian would love to hear about your own acts of kindness. Use #KindActADay, and tag him in your posts!