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American Ninja Warrior costumes were a part of Halloween celebrations everywhere

Grant McCartney, The Kid, Eskimo Ninja, Drew Drechsel, and so many more all had look-alikes this year


Your American Ninja Warrior costumes were a giant success, as usual. Halloween never disappoints us! We had plenty of tried-and-true favorites, and well as some sensational rookie costumes. Enjoy this collection of some of the fun and creative costumes we saw this year. Please drop us a picture in the comments if there’s another Ninja look-alike we need to see!

Who doesn’t want to dress up as this year’s American Ninja Warrior Champion – the winner of it all, the winner of one million dollars?

Beth Bennett

Is there anything better than a student dressing up like their coach? Bonus points for the sweet tattoo work!

We had a few fantastically dedicated Ninja families again this year.

The Island Ninja is sure represented well in this family!


This Grant McCartney look-alike has the muscles, but the real question is: Does he have the dance moves?

Clearly, this human’s favorite Ninja is Ethan Swanson, and this canine’s favorite is Grant McCartney.

It took us a hot minute to determine that this Ninja costume was actually a costume. Rockstar look and Ninja moves — nailed it!!

Whose hair is better — Daniel Gil’s or this Daniel Gil look alike?

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The Queen Girls favorite Ninja!

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The Kid is gaining popularity in the Halloween costume department.

You’re looking at Eskimo Ninja perfection right here. It’s almost like she knows him personally... ;)

This Barclay Stockett look-alike had an important sidekick.

The cute factor is off the charts on this one.

It wouldn’t feel like Halloween without a Jessie Graff costume in the mix.

Even Halloween decorations took on an ANW theme this year!

And the newest popular ANW Halloween costume — Chad Flexington!

We hope all of the American Ninja Warrior fans out there had an amazing Halloween! It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s American Ninja Warrior costume!