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The top two moments from ANW season 11

Two stood out from the rest on our reader poll.

David Becker/NBC

The results are in! At the beginning of the month, we published a poll asking for readers to vote on their top moments from ANW season 11.

And... *drumroll please*

... with a whopping 36% of the votes, Philip Scott’s rookie season beat out Drew Dreschel’s $1 million win for the top spot (though Drew earned a very respectable 28% of the votes).

The 23-year-old spoke with ANWN after the Cincinnati City Finals, saying: “I had multiple panic attacks the day before my City Finals run. I called up the producers saying, ‘I can’t run. This is too hard.’ They were really nice, though. They were understanding. They were like, ‘We can help you. We can give you a spot away from everybody just to calm down. You can make up your mind, and it’s okay, whatever you decide.’ My parents helped me a lot. My parents were like, ‘Do you want your anxiety to win, or do you want yourself to win?’ I’m like, ‘I want me to win.’”

As you know, Philip did run the course. He actually ended up going first and fell on the 9th obstacle, but it was enough to punch his ticket to Vegas. Season 11 ended for him when he fell at the Jumping Spider in Stage One in Las Vegas, but we’re all excited to see his return next season! (We also have another interview with Philip coming soon!)

See the full results of the poll here.