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Ethan Swanson’s #BackflipEveryday Challenge is still going strong

How many days in a row can he possibly go?

Ethan Swanson

Back in the summer of 2018, Ethan Swanson began his #BackflipEveryday challenge. That was well over a year ago, and he’s still going strong!

Here are his first 30 backflips…

His hundredth backflip…

And if you check out Ethan’s latest Instagram Story, you can find out just how many days in a row he’s been able to complete the #BackflipEveryday challenge.

Ethan’s #BackflipEveryday challenge caught on, and Ninjas like Nick Hanson, Michael Torres, Josh Salinas, and many more have all taken part. Nick Hanson even sent Ethan a “Backflip Birthday” video on Instagram to acknowledge Ethan after he had completed a backflip every day for a full year!

Ethan and Nick had some backflip fun in Alaska together. It started off well…

And then got a little dicey…

The vanilla gorilla @islandninja snatching me out of the air from at least 100 feet up. . If the roles were reversed, I...

Posted by Ethan Swanson on Sunday, August 25, 2019

All’s well that ends well though, right!?

Josh Salinas is a bit of an overachiever when it comes to backflips…

Actually, there are a whole lot of fancy backflippers in the Ninja community!

We can always count on Joe Moravsky to add a level of difficulty.

Adam Rayl is a twisting, turning, backflipping wizard.

Tiana Webberley knows how to backflip with style.

Jessie Graff is always upping her game – this time, with props!

We’re hoping Jessie’s #hattrick will inspire others to try it. Will anyone perfect it? Be sure to tag us on Instagram with your attempts!

Who else has been inspired by the #BackflipEveryday challenge? Is anyone going to complete Day #1 today? Even if you haven’t quite perfected the backflip yet, don’t worry. You can always start like this:

Of course, we can’t write an article about backflips without remembering a couple of the great backflip moments on American Ninja Warrior:

And we’ll leave you with a group backflip from some Ninja superstars. Enjoy!